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Memberset is an iOS, Android, and Web App that lets you create and host private, monetized chat groups.

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Payments made easy

See your payment stats live and in detail from the payment dashboard.

and moderate easily

Moderators and Managers can be assigned to keep your group in check

Chat over text, voice, or video

Create the channels you want, configure them to be what you need

from any platform

One account for Web, iOS, and Android

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Create Your Group
Want to create an exclusive community? A mastermind? A secret society? A private meme chat? Whatever the case, Memberset can help any community get monetized.
Set Pricing
Charge members what you want as often as you want. Offer custom subscription plans, or secret channel access. Limit the number of spots available or make it totally private. Everything you need.
Share Your Page
All groups come standard with their own landing page. Here, people can view a description of your group and pledge to join directly. No need to make your own website!
Start Earning

Group dues are automatically payed out into the group owner's bank account, as they come in. Dynamic billing for dynamic people.

Looking for industry knowledge? Access to exclusive content from your favorite creator? Joining their group is easy. Create a display name and select your payment method.
Select Your Membership
Choose from the flexible subscription options provided by the group owner and cancel any time.
Manage Your Subscription
Change your plan, update your payment method, access exclusive channels and more! All within the Memberset platform.
Join the Community
Ask questions to the pros, video chat with creators, learn from those in the know, all in a personal setting. Become a true member of the community!

Automated Membership Management

Let Memberset automate group access, subscription changes, and membership

Automated Payouts

Receive your earnings automatically with batched payments

Billing Cycles

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly... whatever you want, as many as you need

Custom Plans

Offer discounts to specific users, grandfather your loyal subscribers, and so much more

Premium Channels

Add additional subscription options for premium channels

Dormancy Mode

Allow your subscribers to put their accounts on hold for a reduced fee

Private, Limited, or Public Groups

Restrict your group to only the members you want, limit the number of seats, or open the floodgates to the world

Support Tickets

Make it easy for your subscribers to ask questions to your staff

Voice and Video

Create voice and video channels and jump in any time

Activity Logs

Review all activity in your group and make moderation easy

Chat Moderation

Mute, suspend, and ban problematic subscribers

Revenue Dashboard

Monitor your earnings, payouts, churn, recurring revenue, and more

Import Your Bots

Create your own bots or migrate them directly from Discord by changing one line of code.
const assert = require("assert");
const {Client} = require("discord.js");

const host = "";

assert(process.env.TOKEN, "TOKEN is required!");

const client = new Client({
    http: {
        version: 7,
        api: host,
        cdn: host + "/cdn",
        invite: host + "/invite",
        template: host + "/template",
    intents: 4608,

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